Freezing devices

NOTE  Depending on the Absolute product licenses associated with your account, the Freeze feature may not be available.

You can freeze devices by showing a full screen message that restricts users from using the device. The device remains frozen until you submit a Remove Freeze request in the Absolute console, or the device's unfreeze code is entered on the frozen device.

There are two types of Freeze requests:

  • On-demand: the device is frozen on the next agent connection
  • Scheduled: the device is frozen on or after a specified date

IMPORTANT  A device is limited to one outstanding Freeze request of each type. Therefore, if you submit a Freeze request of a particular type, and the device already has an existing request of the same type, the new request replaces the existing request. For more information, see Updating an outstanding Freeze request.

You can submit a Freeze request from a device's Device Details page, or you can select devices in a device group, roll-up folder, or device report and submit a single Freeze request for all selected devices. For example, if you discover that one or more devices in the Match Score Summary report have exceptionally high Match Scores, you can freeze the at-risk devices while you investigate the EDD data that was detected. You can also submit a Freeze request using the Absolute Control mobile app.

NOTE  To automatically freeze your devices if they're offline for a specified number of days, create an Offline Freeze rule.

To learn more about freezing devices, visit the Learning Hub. To access the Learning Hub, click on the quick access toolbar and then click Resources > Learning Hub.