Working with Chromebooks

Due to the unique nature of the Chrome OS operating system, the Absolute agent can't be installed on a Chromebook. Instead, you manage your Chromebooks by deploying the Absolute for Chromebooks extension (Chromebook extension) to each device. The Chromebook extension is a small software program that enables Chromebooks to secure a connection with the Absolute Monitoring Center and allows you to manage these devices in the Absolute console.

As part of the process of deploying the Chromebook extension to your Chromebooks, you add your Google account to the Absolute console and select the organizational units (OUs) that contain the Chromebooks that you want to manage. Once you have selected the OUs, the devices in the OUs sync with the Absolute console but the Chromebook extension isn't deployed, it's pending. This allows you to see the Chromebooks in your account prior to finishing the deployment process. Once the Google Admin console is properly configured and an authorized user logs in to the Chromebook, the Chromebook extension is installed.