Tracking the status of stolen devices

NOTE  Depending on the Absolute product licenses associated with your account, theft reports may not be available.

On the Reported Stolen page in the Assets > Devices area, you can monitor the status of newly submitted theft reports. You can also review past reports that are now closed.

The Absolute Investigations team updates the status of the report as the investigation progresses. Each time the report status changes, an email notification is sent to all email addresses specified in the theft report. There are five possible stages of an investigation, but not every investigation will pass through all stages (statuses):

  • Monitoring
  • Under Review
  • Under Investigation
  • Awaiting Customer
  • Closed

For more information about the possible statuses within each stage and what each status means, see status definitions.

To view the status of a theft report:

  1. Log in to the Absolute console as a user with View permissions for Investigations.
  2. On the navigation bar, click to open the Assets > Devices area.
  3. On the sidebar, click Reported Stolen.
  4. The grid on the Reported Stolen page shows the following information about all current and past reports:



    Device name

    The device nameThe name assigned to the device in the operating system. For Chromebooks, device name is not applicable and therefore shows as "Chrome" in the Absolute console. and serial numberThe identification number assigned to the device by the device manufacturer. For Windows devices, this value may correspond to the serial number of the BIOS, the motherboard, or the chassis, depending on the manufacturer. of the device for which the report was submitted

    Click the device name to view the device's Device Details page.

    Report ID

    The identifier assigned to the theft report

    Click the identifier to view the report details or to upload the associated police report.

    Report status

    The status of the investigation

    Possible values are:

    • Monitoring
    • Under Review
    • Under Investigation
    • Awaiting Customer
    • Closed

    To view more detailed information about each status, add the Reason column to the report.

    Status and Reason definitions

    Reported date

    The date and time when the theft report was submitted

    Incident date

    The date and time when the incident occurred

    Recovered date

    The date and time when the stolen device was recovered

    Guarantee status

    Indication of whether the device is eligible for a Service Guarantee payout. Possible values are Eligible and N/A.


    The name and email address of the Investigations team member assigned to the investigation

    A value of Pending indicates that an investigator is not yet assigned to the investigation.

    Police File Uploaded The name of the police report file, if the police report has been uploaded
  5. To search for a theft report, enter a keyword in the Search field. You can search by any column that is not date-based.
  6. Reports are sorted by the Reported date column, in descending order. To change the sort order, click a column heading.
  7. To show the most recent data available in the system, click the icon in the bottom left of the page. The Last updated field updates to the current date and time.

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