Unfreezing a frozen device using the unfreeze code

In cases where the device's Absolute agent is unable to connect to the Absolute Monitoring Center, you can unfreeze a frozen device by entering the device's unfreeze code directly on the device.

To unfreeze a frozen device using the unfreeze code:

  1. Log in to the Absolute console as a user with Perform permissions for Remove Freeze.
  2. Open the frozen device's Details > Summary page.

    Alternatively, to view all frozen devices and then select the one you want to unfreeze, do the following:

    1. On the navigation bar, click to open the All Devices page in the Assets > Devices area.
    2. Add the following filter: Device Freeze status is Frozen.
    3. [Optional] Add the Device Freeze > Status column to the report.
    4. Find the device that you want to unfreeze and click its Device Name.

    5. If the Summary page is not displayed, click Details > Summary.

  3. Scroll to the page's Device Freeze Status section and record the Unfreeze code associated with the Frozen status.

    NOTE  In some rare cases, the displayed unfreeze code may fail to unfreeze a device because a prior code is still valid. To view a history of the device's unfreeze codes, click the View link next to Unfreeze code history.

  4. Provide the unfreeze code to the device user along with the following device-specific instructions for unfreezing the device:

If a randomly generated unfreeze code is used to unfreeze a device, that particular code becomes invalid. To ensure that the device can be unfrozen again in the future, a new code is automatically generated and assigned to the device. You can view the new code on the device's Device Details page.