Managing report columns

You can show and hide columns to change the information included on a report or view. You can also change a column's position on the report or view.

When you edit columns, your changes are automatically retained in the current user session. To save your changes beyond the current session, you need to use one of the report's Save options, if available.

To update the columns on a report or view:

  1. Navigate to the report or view that you want to update.
  2. Depending on the options available in the open report or view, do one of the following:

To save your changes:

To save your changes, do one of the following:

  • If you opened a customized report and you want to save your changes to that report, click either or Report Options and then click Save.
  • If you opened a customized report or a predefined report or view and you want to save your changes as a new customized report:
    1. Click either or Report Options, and then Save As. The Save to a New Report dialog opens.
    2. Type a Report Name and Description for the new report and click Save. The new report shows on the sidebar.

NOTE  When you save a report or view, only the filters and column customizations are saved. The results are not saved with the report or view.