Scheduling reports

You can schedule a report to be generated automatically on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and then emailed to a list of recipients. You can also create a schedule for any of the pages in the Assets area. Scheduled reports are indicated on the Reports page by a icon. You can hover over the icon to view the frequency of the report's schedule.

NOTE  In the current release, you can't schedule Classic reports, or any report that shows a Report Options button instead of a icon.

Note the following considerations before scheduling a report:

  • Report schedules are user-specific. You can't see the schedules created by other users.
  • You can create only one schedule per report. To create multiple schedules of the same report, use the Save As option to create a custom report. For example, you can schedule the default Full-Disk Encryption Status report to generate every Monday, and then create a custom Full-Disk Encryption Status report and schedule it for the first of the month.
  • If the report's file size is larger than 9 MB, it can't be attached to the recipient email. Recipients with an Absolute user account can log in to the console to view the report. Note that if you've scheduled a custom report, users will not be able to view the report in the console because they don't have access to your custom reports.
  • Be aware that if the emailed report contains device information that is considered confidential, all recipients will have access to that information, including those individuals without an Absolute user account.