Sending messages

NOTE  Depending on the Absolute product licenses associated with your account, the Messaging feature may not be available.

You can use the Messaging feature to create the following types of on-screen messages:

  • Informative: remotely share information with device users
  • User response: gather feedback or other information from device users

    IMPORTANT  The responses that a device user submits are not encrypted. We do not recommend using the Messaging feature to collect sensitive information from device users.

You can enhance your message with a logo and text formatting and then preview it to see how it will be displayed to device users.

Messages can be sent immediately or scheduled for a future date. If the device user is logged in, the message shows in the foreground as soon as the device receives it. If they're logged out, the message shows the next time they log in.

NOTE  Messages are sent to devices, not users. If multiple users are using the same device, the message is shown to all users. However, the Send Message request is considered completed on that device as soon as one of its users submits a response or message acknowledgment.