Viewing a device's Custom Fields

The device's Absolute agent is responsible for collecting the information shown in most device-related fields, but for Custom Fields, users enter the information. This information can be specific to the device, such as "Warranty End Date", or to your organization, such as "Department".

You can access the Custom Fields page from any page that shows linked device identifiers in the results grid.

To view the custom fields for a device:

  1. On any page that shows linked device identifiers in the first column of the results grid, such as the Assets > Devices page, click the link for the device that you want to view. Overview information about the device shows in the page header.
  2. Click the Details tab and then click Custom Fields.
  3. All custom fields associated with your account show on the Custom Fields page. If a field is populated for this device, the value shows next to the field label.

  4. If you are logged in as a user with the required permissions, you can update a device's fields by doing the following:
    1. Click Edit Device Fields.
    2. On the device's View and Edit Device Fields page, update the value in each device field, as required.
    3. NOTE  It may take a few minutes before the updated values show on the Custom Fields page.