Viewing a device's primary information

On the Summary tab of the Details page, you can view information about the primary hardware, software, and system components of a device.

To view a device's Summary page:

  1. On any page that shows linked device identifiers in the first column of the results grid, such as the Assets > Devices page, click the link for the device that you want to view. Overview information about the device shows in the page header.

  2. Click the Details tab and then click Summary.
  3. The following information shows on the page:

  4. More detailed information about the device is presented in the following expandable sections:

    NOTE   For details about the specific device information collected for each supported operating system, see Data points collected by activated policies.



    Device Freeze Status

    Shows status information and unfreeze codes for all active Freeze requests submitted for the device

    You can also view the device's past unfreeze codes. If there are no active Freeze requests for the device, the Device Freeze Status section is not shown.

    NOTE  Depending on your user role, the Device Freeze Status section may not be available to you.

    Supervisor password

    NOTE  This section applies to supported Windows devices only.

    Shows status and version information to indicate whether the device's firmware supervisor password was set remotely in the Absolute console

    User Information

    Shows information about the user associated with the device, such as the user's username, email address and department

    Operating System

    Shows information about the operating system detected on the device, such as the version, build number, install date, and product key

    System Information

    Shows the device's system information, such as the device manufacturer and model, available and total memory, the serial number, local and public IP addresses, and the configured time zone


    For Windows devices only, shows information about the serial number, version, and manufacturer of the device's BIOS or firmware


    For Windows devices only, shows information about the battery, such as the name and model, and charge details

  5. To expand a section, click its title. To collapse the section, click its title again.

    If Information not detected at this time shows, the component is not detected on the device, or no information about this component is available. If Information not available for this platform shows, the hardware component is not supported on this device and operating system. If two em dashes (— —) show in a field, the device information was not detected on the device.