Wiping devices

NOTE  Depending on the Absolute product licenses associated with your account, the Wipe feature may not be available.

You can use the Wipe feature to remotely remove all sensitive data from your Windows and Mac devices before you reuse, resell, or dispose of them. This process is known as data sanitization The process of permanently removing or destroying the data stored on a device. A sanitized device is left with no usable data, and advanced forensic tools can't recover the removed or destroyed data..

NOTE  To remove individual files or folders from a device, submit a File Delete request.

The Wipe feature uses two types of data sanitization processes to wipe devices:

  • Cryptographic Wipe
  • Delete All Files

IMPORTANT  The Wipe feature is very destructive, and a request can't be canceled or undone after it is deployed to a device. To limit the impact of a Wipe request submitted in error or with malicious intent, a request can include a maximum of 100 devices only. To wipe additional devices, submit another request.

To learn more about wiping devices, visit the Learning Hub. To access the Learning Hub, click on the quick access toolbar and then click Resources > Learning Hub.