Downloading a Delete File log file

After a Delete File or Delete All Files wipe request is processed, a log file is generated for each device. The log file contains the following information:

  • Device information
    • Device name
    • Serial number
    • Manufacturer and model
  • File Delete request information
    • Requested by
    • Requested date and time
    • Configuration options
  • Results

    NOTE  If a hard shutdown or sudden power loss occurred during the file deletion process, some deleted items may not be reflected in the log file.

    • Date and time the request was completed

    • Number of files found

    • Number and location of files deleted

    • File attribute dates and times ( created, modified, accessed)

      NOTE  This information is available only if the Include File Date Attributes in the log file option was selected in a File Delete request.

    • Number and location of files found but not deleted

    • Errors

You can use this log file to demonstrate to auditors that a device's files were successfully deleted in compliance with NIST Special Publication 800-88, Guidelines for Media Sanitization.

To download a device's log file:

  1. Log in to the Absolute console as a user with View permissions for Delete Files.
  2. On the navigation bar, click > Actions.
  3. Click All actions and select Delete file.
  4. [Optional] Click Any time and select the time frame when the action was requested. Options vary from Past 7 days to Past 90 days.
  5. On the sidebar, click the applicable request to open it in the work area. If multiple devices were included in the request, each device shows in the grid.
  6. Find the applicable device. You can search for the device, or add filters to narrow the list of devices. For example, you can add the Action status is Completed filter to show only those File Delete requests that are finished processing.
  7. In the Log file column for the applicable device, click Download and download the log file to your local machine.

    NOTE  The log file for a Delete All Files wipe request can be very large (~150 MB) and may take up to 60 minutes to download.

    If a log file is not available for download, refer to the Action status and Failure reason columns. The request may still be in progress, or it may have failed for the reason stated in the Failure reason column.