Getting started with the Script Library

You can use the Absolute Reach Script Library (hereafter referred to as Script Library) in the Settings area to upload and manage scripts that you want to run on your devices.

For example, you may want to perform one or more of the following device management tasks using a script:

  • Change operating system configurations on a group of devices
  • Gather specific information from your devices in preparation for an audit
  • Perform a remedial action on a device to eliminate a potential threat

For more information, see the Absolute Reach FAQ.

Absolute scripts

The Script Library contains a large collection of default scripts created by Absolute. You may want to run one or more of these scripts on your devices to perform common device management tasks.

Absolute scripts have a script author of Absolute and show on the sidebar under ABSOLUTE. Absolute scripts may include a Script Variables area when you view them in the Script Library. When authorized users use an Absolute script to create a Script request, they can easily specify any required and optional parameter values in the fields in the Script Variable area.

Working with the Script Library

You can add new scripts to the Script Library and delete existing ones (excluding Absolute scripts). If you need to edit a script that you've uploaded, you need to delete the uploaded script, edit the script on your local machine, and upload the edited script.

When you upload a script, you can specify script configurations, which are saved with the script and applied when the script runs on a device.

You can also specify command line parameters to apply when the script runs on a device.

After you've added scripts to the Script Library, authorized users can create a Script request to run the uploaded script on one or more of your Windows or Mac devices.

NOTE  Depending on the permissions associated with your user role, and the Absolute product licenses associated with your account, the Script Library may not be available.

Supported script formats

The Script Library supports scripts in the following formats:

  • PowerShell script (.ps1): for Windows devices
  • Bash shell script (.sh): for Mac devices

Best practices

The following practices ensure that the script produces the desired results before you use Absolute Reach to deploy a script across your fleet of devices:

  • Add error handling to your script to help troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Script return codes show in Action History, Event History, the Event History report, and a device's Event History page.
  • Before you upload a PowerShell script, review the PowerShell guidelines pertaining to the Absolute schema.
  • In the Absolute console, use the Run Script option to deploy the script on a small subset of test devices and observe the results.

NOTE  For more information about Absolute Reach and the Script Library, review the training videos and interactions in the Learning Hub.