Unenrolling devices from your account

If the required permissions are associated with your user role, you can submit an Unenroll Device request to unenroll one or more devices from your account.

On Windows, Mac and Android devices, this action has the following effect:

NOTE  Submitting an Unenroll Device request for a Chromebook unenrolls the device and sets the Agent status and the Chromebook > Extension to Disabled, but it doesn't remove the Absolute for Chromebooks extension (Chromebook extension) from the device. You can use other methods to unenroll a Chromebook and remove the Chromebook extension.

You can submit an Unenroll Device request from the Devices page in the Assets area or a device's Device Details page. You can also select devices in a policy group, device group, roll-up folder, or device report and submit a request for all selected devices. Alternatively, if you want to unenroll a large number of devices at one time, you can upload a file of device identifiers and submit a single Unenroll Device request.

For more information about unenrolling devices, review the training videos in the Learning Hub.