Getting started with Endpoint Data Discovery policies

NOTE  Depending on the Absolute product licenses associated with your account, Endpoint Data Discovery (EDD) policies may not be available.

Endpoint Data Discovery policies control the collection of information about the file content stored on your Windows and Mac devices. You can set an EDD policy to scan the files on a device's hard drive for confidential or at-risk content. Scan results are reported in EDD reports and a Match Score A computed value indicating the number of content matches detected on a device during an Endpoint Data Discovery (EDD) scan. Depending on the context, the value shown for Match Score may apply to a file, a policy rule, or a device. is assigned to the results. You can review these reports to identify at-risk devices, and then initiate remedial actions to secure the content.

NOTE  For more information about working with Endpoint Data Discovery policies, visit the Learning Hub. To access the Learning Hub, click on the quick access toolbar and then click Resources > Learning Hub. Also see the Endpoint Data Discovery FAQ.