Getting started with Endpoint Data Discovery rules

Endpoint Data Discovery Endpoint Data Discovery policies scan the hard drives of your managed Windows and Mac devices for confidential file content, such as personal health information, credit card numbers, and SSNs. Scan results are reported in EDD reports to help you identify at-risk devices. (EDD) policies contain rules that detect confidential and at-risk file content stored on the hard drives of your devices.

You can use the Rules area to create custom rules to identify at-risk file content that is unique and is of particular interest to your organization. After you have created and tested your rule, you can publish it to the Policies area so you can include it in an EDD scan.

IMPORTANT  Rules is an advanced feature that Administrators use to build custom Endpoint Data Discovery rules that address the specific policy needs of their organization. Rules use an easy to understand syntax; however, before you use this feature it's best practice to thoroughly review and understand the information provided in this topic and familiarize yourself with the syntax guidelines.

If you have any questions about using the Rules feature, or you require assistance, contact Absolute Technical Support.