Managing Custom Data data points

There are two types of data points in Custom Data policies: Custom data points and Default data points.

Custom data points are provided to you by Absolute, and you add them to the Custom Data policy. You can add, edit, enable, disable, and delete Custom data points. For more information, contact Absolute Sales.

Additionally, with the Absolute Resilience license, you can download the DataExplorer Builder tool to create and configure your own Custom data points.

Default data points are part of the DataExplorer Library and are automatically included in the Custom Data policy. Default data points have a green border and are disabled by default. You can enable and disable Default data points but you can't edit the Display Name or delete them. For a list of available Default data points, see DataExplorer Library.

Your account can have a maximum of 100 data points. This includes both Custom and Default data points.