Downloading utilities

From the Utilities page, Administrators can download tools to facilitate agent deployment, and to help them confirm that the core agent A small software client that resides in devices that are managed in the Absolute console. After the core agent is initially installed on a new device, it is activated with its first connection to the Absolute Monitoring Center and the device is enrolled in Absolute. and the Absolute Persistence module Absolute Persistence® technology is embedded in the BIOS of most Windows devices, and the firmware of some Android devices, during the manufacturing process. The Persistence module is activated during the Absolute agent’s first connection to the Absolute Monitoring Center. This software checks the status of the agent and initiates self-healing to restore the agent if it's missing, damaged, or tampered with. were successfully activated. They can also download tools to trigger agent calls from Windows and Mac devices.

The Utilities page includes two tabs: Windows and Mac. Depending on the Absolute products associated with your account, each tab may contain the following utilities: