Viewing a device's recent location changes

NOTE  Depending on your Absolute product licenses and the configuration of your account, the Location History page may not be available.

You can go to a device's Location History page to view the movement of a device over a particular period of time. This information may be particularly helpful if you want to investigate an at-risk device.

A device's location is updated on the Location History page only when a Device location updated event is logged for the device. You can view these events on the Events page in the History area of the console. By default, the page shows location changes over the last 7 days, but you can show the last 14 days or the last 30 days, or configure a custom date range.

NOTE  If a device changes its location by less than 100 meters, no Device location updated event is logged and the device's location is not updated on the Location History page.

To learn more about tracking the location of your devices, visit the Learning Hub. To access the Learning Hub, click on the quick access toolbar and then click Resources > Learning Hub.