Installing and managing the Absolute agent

The Absolute agent A small software client comprised of the core agent, the component manager, and other agent components that resides in devices that are managed in the Absolute console. The Absolute agent requires an internet connection only; contact with your devices is maintained when they are on or off your corporate network. is a small software client that resides on the devices managed in Absolute. After the agent is initially deployed to a device, it's activated with the device's first connection to the Absolute Monitoring Center The server responsible for maintaining two-way communication with a device's Persistence agent, to initiate self-healing if the Absolute agent is removed or tampered with, and with its Absolute agent, to send device data and receive instructions., at which time it receives a unique Identifier. A device record is then created in the database and the device information detected by the agent is made available in the Absolute console.

Going forward, the Absolute agent maintains regular two-way communication with the Absolute Monitoring Center, monitoring the device's data points and uploading any changes in near real-time. The agent also receives and processes all device actions requested in the Absolute console, such as Wipe, Script, and Freeze requests.

The agent remains concealed on your device, and it does not affect system performance or interfere with Internet activities.

NOTE  To learn more about how the Absolute agent helps you manage your devices, visit the Learning Hub and view How Absolute Works. To access the Learning Hub, click on the quick access toolbar and then click Resources > Learning Hub.

The Absolute agent needs to be deployed to every device that you want to manage in Absolute. Currently the agent is supported on Windows and Mac devices. Chromebook devices are also supported via the Absolute for Chromebooks extension (Chromebook extension).

NOTE  Absolute stopped supporting the Absolute agent for Android in February 2022.
If you are using the Android agent on your devices, it will continue to call in to the Absolute Monitoring Center with updated data. However, no new versions of the agent will be released, including updates for bug fixes.