Adding a new user

To add a new user:

  1. On the quick access toolbar, click > User.
  2. On the Invite User page, enter the user's details as follows:
    1. At the Account Information area, in the Email Address field enter this user's email address, which will also be the user's username.
    2. At the User Details area, enter the user's First Name and Last Name and click Next.
  3. On the Configure User Preferences page, enter the user's preferences as follows:
    1. At the Role Assignment Details area, do the following:
      1. Open the Role list and select the appropriate role. The list contains only those roles that your role is authorized to manage.
      2. Open the Device Group list and do one of the following:
        • To allow the user to work with all devices, select the All active devices check box. If you selected an Administrator role in the previous step, this is the only available option.
        • NOTE  This option is not available if you are assigned to only one device group.

        • To allow the user to work with the devices in one device group only, open the Device Groups list and select the device group.
      3. Click Done.
    2. At the User Preferences area, do the following:
      1. Open the Default User Language and Locale list and select the appropriate choice.
      2. Open the Default Time Zone list and select the appropriate choice.
      3. Open the Default User Session Timeout and specify the number of minutes before the user is logged out due to inactivity. The following options are available:
        • 20 minutes
        • 60 minutes
    3. Click Next.
    4. Click Invite User to send an email to the email address you entered in step 2 above.
    5. This invitation email expires after 30 days. If the user hasn't logged in to the Absolute console before the invitation expires, you can re-invite this user.

    6. On the confirmation dialog, click OK.
    7. The new user shows on the User Management page with a status of Active.

The invitation email enables the user to create a password for their newly created User Profile. The user opens the email and clicks Create Password. On the Create Password page, the user enters a password, enters it again, and clicks Create Password. The user can then log in to the Absolute console using their new password.

NOTE  The user's password must be between 8 and 20 characters in length and include at least 2 alphabetic characters and 1 special character. Reuse of the user's last 5 passwords is not permitted.