Re-inviting a user

There are times when a user you add to your account may not respond to the emailed invitation within the 30-day deadline. In such cases, you can re-invite that user to Absolute.

To re-invite a user:

  1. Access the User Management area and click Users, which opens the User Management page that shows a list of all users in your account.
  2. From the list, click the link for the user you want to re-invite.
  3. On the Edit User page click Resend Invitation Email, and on the confirmation dialog click OK.
  4. NOTE  If the Resend Invitation Email button is not available, the user has already logged in.

The invitation email enables the user to create a password for their newly created User Profile. The user opens the email and clicks Create Password. On the Create Password page, the user enters a password, enters it again, and clicks Create Password. The user can then log in to the Absolute console using their new password.

NOTE  The user's password must be between 8 and 20 characters in length and include at least 2 alphabetic characters and 1 special character. Reuse of the user's last 5 passwords is not permitted.