Viewing a device's device groups

On the Device Groups page you can view the device groups and roll-up folders that a device belongs to. You can access the Device Groups page from any page that shows linked device identifiers in the results grid.

To view a device's device groups:

  1. On any page that shows linked device identifiers in the first column of the results grid, such as the Assets > Devices page, click the link for the device that you want to view. Overview information about the device shows in the page header.
  2. Click the Groups tab.
  3. Each device group that the device belongs to shows in the work area. If the device is also a member of one or more roll-up folders, each roll-up folder shows.

    NOTE  If you are logged in as a Power User or Guest User and you have access to one Classic group, only your assigned group shows, even if the device belongs to other Classic device groups.

  4. If the device is a member of many device groups or roll-up folders, you can search for a particular item.
  5. To view a device group's description in a tooltip, hover over the device group name. For smart device groups, the list of filters used to generate the device group also shows in the tooltip.
  6. To view the list of devices that belong to the device group or roll-up folder, click its name. The item opens to show its list of devices in the results grid.
  7.  To edit a device group's membership, see the following topics: