Searching for an item

On many console pages you can find items by entering specific search criteria in a search field.

NOTE  All searches are case insensitive. For example, if you enter the keyword "Mac", all occurrences of "mac", "MAC" and "Mac" are included in the search results.

To search for an item, such as a device, report, or device group:

  1. Navigate to the area you want to search.
  2. To search for an item on the sidebar, click the Search or Filter field and enter all or part of the keyword you want to use to find the item. The sidebar's search results update dynamically as you type.
  3. To search for an item in the results grid:

    1. If the column you want to search is not part of the results, add the column to the report or page.

    2. Depending on the page you're on, do one of the following:

      NOTE  You can only search text fields. Searches for other data, such as numeric values, times, and dates are not supported.
      Searching for "No Data" or "— —" is not supported.

    Search results appear in the grid. Depending on the page you're on, you can clear the search field by pressing Esc on your keyboard, or by clicking or .