Absolute® offers uncompromised visibility and near real-time remediation of security breaches at the source. Building on our unique location in the firmware — and our presence in more than 500 million devices manufactured by most of the world’s top device manufacturers — Absolute envisions a world of enterprise resilience: the unprecedented ability to recover and resume normal operations in the face of a security breach. Our Absolute Persistence self-healing endpoint security technology gives security and IT pros complete control over their devices and data. No other technology has the power to withstand user error or malicious attacks, and return devices to an original state of safety and efficacy.


Analyze the latest device hardware, software, usage, and security data collected from your devices on a customizable dashboard. Access reports based on your filtered widgets.


View and manage your active devices. Create device groups and define geofences. Report lost or stolen devices.


Use customizable reports to analyze the data collected from your devices. Find devices and perform security actions.


Create policy groups, assign licenses, and activate policies to turn on enhanced data collection. Create Rules to receive notifications when changes occur on your devices.


View a log and details of events triggered by a user, device, or the system and view the status and progress for Device Action requests.


Set up your Absolute account and create users. Download the Absolute agent and manage Custom Fields. Manage scripts in the Script Library.

Absolute User Guide

View information about features and functionality, such as Classic reports, Alerts, and Geofences, that were available in the Absolute console prior to the release of Absolute 7.0.