User Management

NOTE  Depending on the permissions associated with your user role, the User Management area may not be available.

You can use the User Management area to view and manage users and their access to Absolute. Depending on your user role, you may be able to:

  • review the permissions assigned to each user role.
  • add new users.
  • assign default or custom user roles to users.
  • update or temporarily suspend user profiles.
  • reset Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for a user.
  • etc.

If you're a System Administrator, you can also create custom user roles.

To access the User Management area:

  1. Log in to the Absolute console as a user with View or Manage permissions for Users and/or Roles.
  2. On the navigation bar, click .
  3. On the sidebar, click User Management.
  4. The Users page opens. From this page, you can invite new users, edit existing user profiles, and delete user profiles.