Managing Device Fields

Device Fields are data fields that you can use to store information about your organization or your devices. There are two types of fields:

  • Fixed Device Fields: predefined data fields included by default in each Absolute account
  • Fixed Device Field labels are not editable and the fields can't be deleted. The following Fixed Device Fields are available:

    Asset Number

    Lease Start Date

    Assigned User E-mail

    Lease Vendor

    Assigned Username

    Physical/Actual Location

    Cost Center/Code

    Purchase Order Ref


    Service Contract End Date

    Device Purchase Date

    Service Contract Start Date


    Service Contract Vendor

    Geofence Violation Reason1

    User Phone/Extension

    Has Service Guarantee

    Warranty Contract Vendor

    Lease End Date

    Warranty End Date

    Lease Number

    Warranty Start Date

    Lease Responsibility


    NOTE  Some of these optional fields may not be applicable to your organization.

  • Custom Device Fields: data fields that are unique to your organization
  • You can create up to 20 Custom Device Fields in which users can enter either text, a date, or a selection from a drop-down list of options.

Fixed and Custom Device Fields show on a device's Custom Fields page. You can also add these fields to reports.