Editing the Run Script startup folder

When a Windows or Mac device with a pending Run Script request connects with the Absolute Monitoring CenterA lightweight software component of the Absolute agent that detects software applications installed on a device. The SNG component is deployed on a device only when the device is associated with a policy group in which the Installed Software policy is activated., the agent downloads the script to a startup folder and runs the script on the device from this location. By default, the agent uses the C:\ProgramData\ as the startup folder on Windows devices and /tmp/ as the startup folder on Mac devices. If these locations are unsuitable, you can customize the startup folder location.

You can change the startup folder to a local drive, an external drive, or a network drive. On Windows, the network drive must already be mapped to a drive letter. For example, H:\.

If the folder already exists on the target device, the agent checks the read-write permissions of the folder. If the agent can gain the required permission, the agent downloads and runs the script there.

If the startup folder (or any of the parent folders) doesn't exist, the agent tries to create them. If the agent has the create permission, the agent creates the folder or folders, and then downloads and runs the script.

If the agent doesn't have the correct permissions, or fails to create the startup folder, the Run Script request fails for the device. You can view the failure reason in History > Actions.

NOTE  Although the agent deletes the script from the startup folder once the request is complete, it doesn't remove the folders that it created. The startup folder remains on the device for future use.