Setting a new default agent version for your account

If automatic agent updates are disabled for your account, you can set an agent version as the default version. Setting a version as the default version automatically assigns it to newly created policy groups.

To assign a new agent version as the default version:

  1. Log in to the Absolute console as a user with Manage permissions for Version Control. All default Administrator roles are granted this permission.
  2. On the navigation bar, click > Agent Management.

    The Agent Management page opens to show the Latest agent version, the Default agent version, and all agent versions currently assigned to at least one policy group. The Allow Absolute to manage agent updates slider is set to Off (gray).

    NOTE  If the slider is set to On (green), the prerequisite for this task is not met.

    For each agent version in use, the following icons show:



    The number of policy groups assigned to the agent version

    The number of devices assigned to the agent version

    NOTE  If the Unsupported label shows next to an agent version, the version was released more than 18 months ago and it is no longer supported. For the policy groups that are currently assigned to this agent version, Absolute recommends that you assign them to a higher, supported version at your earliest convenience.

  3. [Optional] Select the Show unused versions checkbox. The page refreshes to show all agent versions that are available for assignment to your devices.
  4. Next to the agent version that you want to set as the default version, click > Set as Default.
  5. NOTE  You can't downgrade the agent on a device. If the Set as Default option is grayed out, you can't assign this version because it is the same or a lower agent version than the current default version.

  6. On the confirmation dialog, click Apply. The Default label is applied to the agent version.