Web categories

The following categories are used in the Web Usage report to help you determine the type of website that was visited:



Sites offering auto repair, maintenance, parts, sales, or other services

Corporate Marketing

Sites providing corporate and product information, but not selling products online

Dining or Restaurant

Sites providing content that list, review, promote, market or advertise food service and eating establishments, including catering services, dining guides, and recipes 


Sites offering investment information, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, newsletters, and tips, including firms, such as banks, offering these services  

Internet Services

Sites offering services to assist in internet communication

Job Search

Sites providing jobs or employment services, including temp agencies, career resources, and resume services

Online Auctions

Sites offering participation in online auctions 

Professional Services

Business related sites offering technical and professional services, such as legal or consulting services

Real Estate

Sites offering Information or services related to buying, selling, renting, or financing property

Specialized Shopping

Sites selling specific items or products for purchase using the internet or telephone


Continuing Education or Colleges

Sites for institutions and colleges offering formal courses of study for adults


Sites offering a systematic, written and methodical record of past events


Sites dealing with the education of school age children, including preschools and day care centers

Reference Sites

Sites specifically dedicated to providing a research method on one or more subject matters

Science and Technology

Sites relating specifically to education in Science and Technology 


Alcohol or Tobacco

Sites supporting the use of alcohol and tobacco products, such as commercial sites and sites that support the use of alcohol and tobacco related products


Sites associated with the use, legalization or advocacy of illegal drugs and the illegal use of prescription drugs


Sites claiming to improve an individual’s well being either medically, organically, or through support


Internal IP

Denotes access to an internal website


Download Shareware

Sites specializing in the download of legal software 

File Host

Sites offering hosting, backup, and sharing of files on the internet

Image Host

Sites providing image hosting, linking, and/or sharing, including videos 

Online Chat

Sites providing access to software for or participation in any internet chat forum


Sites providing client software to enable peer-to-peer file sharing and transfer 


Sites offering multiple web-based services to assist a user’s experience on the internet

Remote Proxies

Sites allowing users to surf the internet anonymously

Safe Search Engine

Sites providing a search engine specifically targeted toward families and children 

Web Banners

Sites providing service links, banners, or ads for websites

Web Based Email

Sites providing free or paid email accounts

Web Hosting

Sites providing free or paid web hosting services

Web Search

Sites specializing in or offering a web search engine 

Questionable Activities 

Computer Hacking

Sites promoting questionable or illegal use of equipment and/or software to crack passwords, create viruses, gain access to other computers and other illegal activities 

Copyright Infringement

Sites offering media, software, MP3, DVD movies or any other copyrighted materials that are bootlegged or illegally available for purchase or download 

Extremism or Intolerance

Sites advocating militant activities or extremism


Sites containing profanity of any kind, such as swearing, blasphemy, vulgarity or any dialog with malicious intent, not classified under the Sex category


Sites considered questionable in nature and that may involve illegal activities, but do not fall under another, more specific “questionable” category


Sites containing content such as mutilation, torture, horror, the grotesque or any discussion or depiction of behavior that could be considered inappropriate for public consumption including pornography, nudity, or sites dealing with sexuality, which have their own specific classifications 


Sites containing visual representations of or invitations to participate in violent acts 

Weapons or Bombs

Sites promoting the use of weapons and/or bombs and the making of bombs


Digital Media

Digital audio, video and other technologies that are accessible to stream, download, or share 


Sites dealing with theatre, online comics, anime, amusement parks, clubs, and other forms of audience-based entertainment


Sites providing online gambling, or information about gambling for the purpose of advocating its practice


Sites associated electronic, video, computer, online, board, or role-playing games  

Hobbies or Leisure

Sites associated with non-competitive activities typically engaged in for pleasure and relaxation during spare time

Mature Humor

Sites containing mature themes and humor that may not be suitable for children, but do not contain pornography or strong profanity


Sites promoting music for entertainment purposes 

Radio Stations

Sites providing music, talk, or sports radio.  

Special Interests

Sites associated with interest groups or clubs, such as environmental, worker, social, and philanthropic organizations  


Sites containing information about sports or sports related activities, including those that provide sports scores or games

Television or Movies

Sites promoting or providing content relating to television programming or movies


Sites providing travel and travel-related information or activities

Security Exploits


Sites known to contain harmful code that may modify a user’s system without the user’s knowledge 


Sites known to trick end-users into revealing personal data

Spyware or Adware

Sites known to distribute or contain code that displays unwanted advertisements or gathers information about the user without the user’s knowledge 


Adult Sex Education

Sites providing sexual education information to anyone 18 or older

Adult Themes

Adult sites not defined in other rating categories

K-12 Sex Education

Sites associated with sex education for children

Lingerie or Bikini

Sites displaying or dedicated to bikini or lingerie that could be considered for adults only


Sites containing content related to pornography, including mild depiction, soft pornography, and hard-core pornography


Sites containing content that is sexual in nature including images or implications of body piercing, tattoos, and other forms of body art

Social Media


Sites containing daily journals, diaries, or newsletters usually involving personal thoughts or opinions on internet, social, or political issues


Sites offering free or paid services promoting interaction, dating, or other networking through forums, chat, email or other methods

Discussion Forums 

Sites dedicated to Usenet, Usenet news, forums, Newsgroups, or an online bulletin board system. 

Social Networking

Sites containing personal sites and blogs, such as Facebook, MySpace, and Blogspot.


Alternative Lifestyle

Sites containing content related to gay, lesbian, or bisexual lifestyles

Alternative or New Age

Sites pertaining to the occult including witchcraft, voodoo, black magic, astrology, ESP or similar forms of telepathy, fortune telling, out-of-body experience, magic, spirituality, and UFOs 

Art or Culture 

Sites relating to the arts, or culture (includes the beliefs, customs, practices, and social behavior of a particular nation or people)


Sites containing ads for barter or sale of merchandise or services


Sites promoting or advocating membership in cults

Family Issues

Sites containing content about issues specific to the family, including divorce, adoption, parenting, marriage, domestic violence, child abuse, father’s rights, child custody, incest, and fertility


Sites associated with governments and/or their military


Sites containing online newspapers, headline news sites, news wiring services, personalized news services, and mainstream publications


Sites containing political advocacy of any type or the opinions of government


Sites pertaining to mainstream religions, religious activities, or participation 

Social Issues

Sites containing information about issues commonly considered controversial by society