Dark Devices report

The Dark Devices report includes information about devices with an active Absolute agent that have not checked in to the Absolute Monitoring Center for 30 days or have never checked in at all.

You can access this report from the Reports page under Hardware Assets or the Dark Devices widget on the Dashboard.

Supported platforms

The Dark Devices report applies to all supported devices.


By default, the following filters are used to generate this report:

Agent status is Active and

Last connected not within last 30 daysorLast connected is empty

To create a customized version of the report, add filters based on one or more filter criteria.

Information included on the report

The Dark Devices report includes a default collection of device information organized in the following columns:



Device name

Device name, which includes the device's device nameThe name assigned to the device in the operating system. For Chromebooks, device name is not applicable and therefore shows as "Chrome" in the Absolute console. and serial numberThe identification number assigned to the device by the device manufacturer. For Windows devices, this value may correspond to the serial number of the BIOS, the motherboard, or the chassis, depending on the manufacturer.

To view the device's Device Details page, click the linked device name.

Last connected

When the Absolute agent on the device last checked in successfully to the Absolute Monitoring Center.


The username of the user who was logged in to the device when an agent connection occurred. If no user was logged in during the most recent agent connection, the last detected username shows.


The manufacturer of the device.


The model of the device.

Device Freeze > Status

The status of the freeze request on the device.

Options are:

  • Freeze Pending
  • Freeze Requested
  • Frozen by Policy
  • Scheduled Freeze Pending
  • Unfreeze Requested

Encryption > Status

The summarized encryption status of the device.

Options are:

  • Encrypted: A full-disk encryption product is installed on the device, and the device's system drive is encrypted.
  • Installed (Not Encrypted): A full-disk encryption product is installed on the device, but the device's system drive is not encrypted, or Microsoft BitLocker is suspended.
  • Not Detected: A full-disk encryption product is not detected on the device.

Anti-Malware > Product name

The anti-malware product that is detected on the device.

You can use most of the device information as search criteria to search for a device, or a group of devices. You can also include other device information in the report, such as custom fields, by adding more columns.

NOTE   If No Data shows in a column, the information was not detected on the device.

Sorting report information

By default, the report data is sorted by the Device Name column, in ascending order. You can change the sort order by clicking a column heading.

Working with the report

Depending on the Absolute licenses associated with your account, and your user role, you may be able to perform some or all of the following tasks on the Dark Devices report:

NOTE   The Dark Devices report is a default report. If you make any changes to the report, such as adding report filters, you can't save the changes to the default report.

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