Persisted application statuses

Any of the following statuses may show in a persisted application's A third party application that is actively monitored by the Absolute agent. This feature is available only when the Application Persistence policy is activated on a device. Depending on the configuration of this policy, the agent may be able to repair the application if it's non-compliant, or reinstall it if it's missing. Status column in the Application Persistence report:




The application's agent or client is functioning correctly on the device

Not compliant

The application's agent or client is not functioning correctly on the device

Pending scan results

The Application Persistence policy is activated in the device's policy group, but status information is not available for one of the following reasons:

  • Application Persistence is not supported on the device
  • NOTE  The Application Persistence report includes a Status column for each application that the feature supports. Therefore, depending on which applications you are currently persisting using Application Persistence, some Status columns may not be applicable.

  • the initial scan of the application is currently in progress, or
  • the device has not connected to the Absolute Monitoring Center since the policy was activated or since the status check was run on the device because:
    • The scheduled connection has not occurred yet (may take up to 6 hours)
    • The device is powered off
    • The device has no network connectivity

Not activated

The Application Persistence policy for the application is not activated


An unexpected error occurred while the status check was running on the device. Status information was not uploaded.

No Data

Application Persistence of this application is not supported because it is not included in the product licenses assigned to the device.