Absolute 7.7 Release Notes

This document describes the software changes included in Absolute 7.7. It also describes the changes included in all hotfixes since the release of Absolute 7.6.

This release introduces performance, security, data integrity, and usability improvements that enhance the responsiveness, reliability, and ease of use of the system. It also introduces improvements and fixes to existing features and functionality.

NOTE  Depending on the Absolute product licenses associated with your account, some of the following enhancements, improvements, and fixes may not be available to you.

Improvements and fixes

Absolute 7.7 introduces the following improvements and fixes:


Improvements and fixes


  • When you open the Agent Management page in the Administration area, the page now loads as expected if your account includes more than 10,000 devices. Previously, the system may have timed out before the page finished loading.

Absolute agent

  • Previously, if your environment's firewall or proxy settings blocked access to Certificate Revocation List (CRL) URL sites, certificate validation failed and the Absolute agent was unable to collect Anti-Malware and Full-Disk Encryption data from a device. With this fix, certificates are now validated even if the CRL site is unavailable.


  • When you create an Alert based on the Anti Malware Software Name field and you click Choose to select a software name, you are now presented with a list of Anti-Malware applications to select from. Previously, the list was empty.

Android support

  • An issue, which occasionally caused Android devices to stop connecting to the Absolute Monitoring Center, is now resolved.

Chromebook support

  • An issue, which occasionally caused Chromebook devices to stop connecting to the Absolute Monitoring Center, is now resolved.

Custom Fields

  • If a Department name is selected for a device on the View and Edit Device Fields page, that value now shows in the Department field on the device's Custom Fields page.


  • In an effort to streamline the Home Dashboard, the Match Score Summary widget is no longer available. You can still view this widget on the Data Protection Dashboard.
  • When you click the title of the following widgets to view each widget's associated report, the device count in the widget now matches the count in the report:
    • Device Activity
    • Encryption Status
  • Chromebook and Android devices are now excluded from device counts and calculations in the following widgets:
    • Anti-Malware (including the Anti-Malware widget in the Overview area)
    • Encryption Status (including the Encryption widget in the Overview area)
  • A Go to report link is now available in the following widgets:
    • Application Persistence Summary
    • Application Persistence Device Ranking

Device Freeze

  • When a Freeze request is configured to send email notifications, and the device associated with the request has a null value in a Custom Field, the status of the Freeze request consistently updates in the Absolute console.

Endpoint Data Discovery

  • You can now select one or more devices on the following reports and perform a Device Action directly from the report:
    • Data Risk Assessment
    • GDPR Summary
  • When you click a device's Identifier on any of the following reports, the device's Endpoint Data Discovery Summary page now opens:
    • Devices with At-Risk Files in Cloud
    • Reporting Data
  • The "Deleted" File Match Status has been renamed "Delta-Deleted" to more accurately reflect that this status shows in an EDD report when matched content, which was detected in a prior scan, was removed from a file before the most recent delta scan.
  • The default columns in the following reports have been reordered:
    • Devices with At-Risk Files in Cloud
    • Reporting Data
  • As a result, you no longer need to scroll to the right to view the most pertinent information about the detected matches, such as the File Name.

Hardware Data Collection

  • To minimize CPU usage on Windows devices, the Absolute agent now performs Hardware Data Collection (HDP) scans less frequently.
  • When hardware change events occur on a device, the agent now scans the device no more than once every two hours. Each scan captures all of the events that occurred since the last scan. If the Absolute agent doesn't detect any change events over the past two hours, no scan is performed.

    Previously, the agent scanned the device after each hardware change event, which in some cases may have negatively impacted the device's performance.


  • When you apply a date filter to a report using the not within last condition and then export the report, the data in the exported report now always matches the console report.
  • A bug introduced in Absolute 7.6 is now resolved. Users assigned to any of the following roles can now successfully export Absolute 7 reports:
    • Guest User
    • Power User
  • Any custom role granted Export permissions for Reports

Reach Scripts

  • The following Absolute scripts, which you can run on your Windows devices, are now available in the Script Library in the Administration area:
    • Change Windows wallpaper
    • Create Daily Scheduled Task
    • Create Quarterly Scheduled Task
    • Disable the Legal Notice Message on login screen
    • Empty Recycle Bin
    • Enable or Disable Cortana
    • Enable or Disable Message Center
    • Enable or Disable Quick Access
    • Enable or Disable Toast notifications
    • Gather User Profile Information
    • Pin or Unpin the OneDrive icon
  • After you select more than 100 devices in a Smart Device Group and scroll the device group to load all of the selected devices, you can now successfully submit a Script request.
  • In the Add Local User script, the helper text for the Password script variable field has been improved. It now includes the complexity requirements for a Windows password.

User Management

  • If a feature is not included with the Absolute product (for example, Absolute Control) associated with your account, the feature's permissions no longer show on the Permissions page in the Roles area.
  • When you view the Absolute console in a language other English, all fields on the Permissions page in the Roles area now show in the appropriate language.