Absolute 7.11 Release Notes

This topic describes the software changes included in Absolute 7.11. It also describes the changes included in all hotfixes since the release of Absolute 7.10.

This release introduces performance, security, data integrity, and usability improvements that enhance the responsiveness, reliability, and ease of use of the system. It also introduces enhancements, improvements, and fixes to existing features and functionality.

To view the software changes introduced in this release that apply to the Absolute agent, see the Absolute agent release notes: Version 7.11.

NOTE  Depending on the Absolute product licenses associated with your account, some of the following software changes may not be available to you.

Features enhancements

  • Report enhancements: in reports that show the icon, the Show/Hide Columns dialog has been enhanced:
    • Child columns are visually grouped under their parent. Click a parent to show its associated child columns.
    • Parents show their number of child columns in parentheses.
    • The and icons have been replaced by Add and Remove buttons.
    • You can now drag individual columns from the Available Columns list to the Included Columns list. You can also include all of a parent's child columns by dragging the parent.
  • Device group enhancements: within the Assets area, the Device Groups tab has been removed and you can now access your device groups directly from the Devices page. Click a device group or folder on the Devices sidebar to open the item in the work area. Folders and device groups that contain children show an Expand icon next to the item. Click the icon to view the item's children.
  • You can now initiate device group actions directly from a new menu on the sidebar. Click the icon next to Device Groups to add a folder, static device group, or smart device group. Alternatively, click an item's icon to add a child folder or device group, delete the item, duplicate the item, or update its properties. For more information, see the Help topics for Device Groups.

  • Missing Device enhancements: the following enhancements have been added to the Missing Device feature:
    • For any device that has been reported missing, you can now use the Update Email Contact action from the Missing Devices page to update the list of users who will receive an email notification when the device checks in.
    • The ability to report, view, and manage missing devices is now controlled by a new role permission, Missing Device. Previously, these capabilities were controlled by the Investigations permission. Note that all default user roles are automatically granted View and Manage permissions for the Missing Devices feature. However, if your Absolute account includes custom roles, you'll need to go to the User Management > Roles area to grant the Missing Device permission to these roles.
  • Theft report enhancements: within the Assets area, the Investigations tab has been removed and you can now access your theft reports directly from the Devices page. Click the Reported Stolen link on the Devices sidebar to track the status of your stolen devices.

Improvements and fixes

Absolute 7.11 introduces the following improvements and fixes:


Improvements and fixes

Absolute agent

  • Previously, if you used a disk image to deploy the agent to new devices, the newly activated devices may have showed as duplicates of the re-imaged device. This issue is now fixed.


  • When a user has three failed login attempts, their account is locked and an email notification is now sent to the user in all cases.
  • A more informative error message now shows if you can't log in to the Absolute console due to an issue with the IdP Discovery Service.

Bulk device actions

  • When viewing the File Uploaded dialog on Internet Explorer 11, the device list is now displayed correctly.


  • A number of minor enhancements have been introduced to the dashboard widgets to improve usability.
  • The number of devices reported as Unlicensed in the License Consumption widget now includes only those devices that currently reside in the Unlicensed Policy Group. Previously, it also included overinstalled A state in which the Absolute agent is installed on more devices in your account than the number of purchased licenses. licenses.
  • Previously, the number of devices in the Dark Devices widget didn't match the number in the Dark Devices report, in some cases. This issue is now fixed.
  • When you access the Application Persistence report by clicking a filtered element in the Application Health widget, the report is now also filtered. Similarly, when you access the Application Persistence Events report by clicking a filtered element in the Repairs and Reinstalls widget, the report is now filtered.

License management

  • If there are devices in the Unlicensed Policy Group, you are now presented with a notification banner each time you log in to the Absolute console.
  • If you make changes to your product licenses before your current licenses expire, the License Consumption widget now accurately reflects the number of available licenses.

Multi-language support

  • When you view the Absolute console in Simplified Chinese, all text in the User Management area is now displayed in the correct language.

Policy groups

  • The following columns are now available on the Devices page in the Policy Groups area:
    • Added to policy group (New!): shows the date and time when the device was added to the current policy group
    • Activation date
    • Last connected
  • You can now create an empty policy group and then add devices to it later.



  • For the Last connected column, you can now choose whether the column shows relative or exact dates. To change to exact dates and times, click the icon in the column header and clear the Show relative dates check box.
  • A status of Encryption in Progress now shows in the Encryption widget and the Full-Disk Encryption Status report when BitLocker Drive Encryption is installed on a device but the system drive is only partially encrypted. Previously, these devices showed a status of Encrypted.
  • You can now export a report that is filtered based on device groups.
  • You can now export all Device Analytics reports regardless of when they were created.
  • You can now successfully filter an Application Persistence report or the All Devices page based on the SCCM Last Updated field.

Supervisor Password

  • You can now manage the supervisor password on additional models of Lenovo devices. For more information about supported devices, go to https://community.absolute.com/s/article/Remote-Supervisor-Password.
  • A device's status now shows in the new Supervisor Password Status field on its Device Details page. You can also add this column to a report, or filter a report based on one of the following statuses: Not Set, Set Remotely, Set Locally, Set Remotely - Require Current Password.
  • Previously, some devices that are eligible for this feature may have showed as ineligible on the Device Eligibility for Manage Supervisor Password dialog. This issue is now fixed.
  • If all selected devices have the same supervisor password status, you no longer need to specify if you want to create a new password or update an existing password.
  • The Current Supervisor Password field now shows on the Update Supervisor Password dialog only if the current password is required to update the password.

Unenroll Devices

  • You can now select devices in a policy group and submit an Unenroll Device request.

User Management

  • To achieve PII (personally identifiable information) compliance, all phone number fields have been removed from Absolute user accounts.