Application Persistence policies for BitLocker

Microsoft BitLockerĀ® Drive Encryption (BitLocker) is a security feature that helps protect the data stored on the operating system drive and fixed data drives of Windows devices. After BitLocker has encrypted the drives on a device, the device user must enter a password to unlock the drive and make its data readable.

You can activate an Application Persistence policy for BitLocker to enable the Absolute agentA small software client that resides in devices that are managed in the Absolute console. After the agent is initially installed on a new device, it is activated with its first connection to the Absolute Monitoring Center. The Absolute agent requires an internet connection only; contact with your devices is maintained when they are on or off your corporate network. to collect information about the functional status of BitLocker and to view the results in reports. The agent can also detect whether a device's BitLocker settings comply with, and do not comply with, your organization's drive encryption policies. For example, your organization may have set up the following encryption policy and you want to verify that your devices comply with it:

You can also configure the policy to attempt to repair or reinstall BitLocker.