Understanding custom policy groups

By default, all devices in your account are initially associated with the Global Policy Group. This policy group may include a collection of policies, which you can activate to collect specific information from your devices.

However, depending on the structure of your organization, it may not make sense to collect the same information from all of your devices. For example, you may want to collect specific information from the devices in your Marketing department, and other information from the devices in your Finance department. You can use the Policies area to create multiple custom policy groups and assign groups of devices to them. Each custom policy group includes the same policies as the Global Policy Group, which you can activate to collect the most relevant data for the applicable group of devices. You can create as many custom policy groups as is required to meet your needs.

IMPORTANT   A device can belong to only one policy group. When you associate devices with a customized policy group or the Unlicensed Policy Group, their association with the Global Policy Group is automatically removed.

To create a policy group, you need to complete the following key steps:

  1. Add a new policy group and assign licenses and devices to it. The Hardware policy is activated automatically on each associated device.
  2. Activate additional policies in the policy group, as required.