Moving devices between policy groups

You can move devices from one policy group to another.

When you move a device:

  • The device is added to the destination policy group and it's activated policies are applied to the device. Depending on the policies configured in each policy group, some previously activated policies may be deactivated after the move.

    You decide that you want to move 10 devices from Policy Group A to Policy Group B. The Full-Disk Encryption Status and EDD policies are activated in Policy Group A while the Device Usage and EDD policies are activated in Policy Group B. After you move the devices, the EDD policy remains unchanged on each device, but the Full-Disk Encryption Status policy is deactivated and the Device Usage policy is activated.

  • The system automatically updates the count of available Absolute product licenses in each policy group to reflect that the device has moved.
  • IMPORTANT  If the Absolute product associated with the destination policy group doesn't have enough available licenses, you can't move the devices.

To move devices between policy groups:

  1. Log in to the Absolute console as a user with Manage permissions for Policies and Licenses.

  2. On the navigation bar, click and click Policy Groups.

  3. On the Policy Groups sidebar, search for and then open the policy group that you want to move devices from.
  4. To find a particular device or group of devices, perform a search, or filter the device list.
  5. Do one of the following:
    • To move one or more devices, select the check box next to each device.
    • To move all devices in the filtered results grid, select the check box next to Identifier.
  6. Click Device ActionsMove Devices... to open the Move Devices dialog. The Absolute agent version assigned to the devices' current policy group shows under the dialog title.
  7. NOTE  The agent version is always the current version unless agent version control is enabled for your account in Agent Management.

  8. In the grid, select the destination policy group.
  9. Note that each row shows the policy group's current device count (for example, ) and assigned agent version.

    If a row is grayed out, you can't move the devices to this policy group for one of the following reasons:

    • There are insufficient licenses available. To resolve this issue, select fewer devices to move, or contact Absolute Sales to purchase more licenses.
    • The agent version of the destination policy group is lower than the version currently installed on the devices (you can't downgrade a device's Absolute agent).
    • NOTE  Agent version control must be enabled for this scenario to occur.

  10. Click Move Devices.
  11. If you moved devices from a policy group that is associated with an Offline Freeze rule to a policy group that isn't, a dialog shows. Moving the devices deactivates the Offline Freeze rule so you need to decide what to do with any devices that were frozen by the rule. Select one of the following options:  
    • Keep devices frozen
    • Devices will remain frozen until you submit a Remove Freeze request or enter the Unfreeze code on the device.

    • Unfreeze devices

      Devices will unfreeze after they come back online and check in to the Absolute Monitoring Center.

  12. Click Close to close the confirmation message.

  13. The devices are moved between the policy groups.

    NOTE  If you are moving more than 100,000 devices, it may take a few minutes for all devices to be moved. Some devices will continue to show on the policy group's Devices page until they are all moved to the destination policy group. You can periodically refresh the page to see how many devices still need to be processed. We recommend that you avoid performing any actions on the policy group, or the selected devices, until the device move process is complete.