Adding policy groups

You can create a custom policy group to activate a unique collection of policies on a group of devices.

To add a new policy group:

  1. Log in to the Absolute console as a user with Manage permissions for Policies and Licenses.

  2. On the navigation bar, click and click Policy Groups.

  3. On the Policy Groups sidebar, click . The Create a Policy Group dialog opens.
  4. On the Set Properties dialog page:
    1. In the Policy Group Name field, enter a unique name (80 character maximum) for the policy group.
    2. In the Description field, enter a description (250 character maximum).
    3. Click Continue.
  5. The Select Devices dialog page opens. The Show Available view is presented by default and shows devices associated with the Global Policy Group. These devices are available for selection.

  6. To see all devices in your account click Show All.
  7. Grayed-out devices are not available for selection because they are already associated with another custom policy group, as shown in the device's Policy Group Name column.

  8. To find devices to add to the policy group, perform a search. To find devices based on multiple filter criteria, click Advanced Search and add one or more filters.
  9. Select the check box next to the Identifier of each device you want to add. To select all devices, select the check box in the results grid header next to Identifier. All devices that are available for selection are selected. To leave the policy group empty and add devices later, go to the next step.
  10. Click Continue. The Select Product Licenses page opens showing the Absolute product licenses associated with your account. There are two types of licenses: base and add-on. The following information shows for each base license:
    • Licenses: the total number of purchased licenses
    • Remaining: the total number of available licenses
  11. NOTE  If the Licenses and Remaining counts for a product license are both zero (0), the license is expired. To renew it, contact Absolute Sales.

  12. Assign licenses to the devices in the policy group by doing the following:
    1. Under Base License, select a product license to assign to the devices in this policy group. You can select only one base license A license associated with a core product offering, such as Absolute Resilience, Absolute Control, or Absolute Visibility. Base licenses include a suite of features that provide key capabilities in multiple areas..
    2. NOTE  If a base license is grayed out, you can't assign the license because you selected more devices on the Select Devices dialog page than there are licenses available, or the license is expired. To proceed, select a base license with enough licenses available, or click Back and select fewer devices. Alternatively, you can free up licenses by unenrolling devices that you want to retire, or contact Absolute Sales to renew an expired product license or purchase more licenses.

      A selected base license shows a blue background, a selected button, and its Remaining value is updated to show the adjusted number of available licenses.

    3. Under Add-On Licenses:
      1. View the list of add-on licenses The license associated with additional services and capabilities that can be added on to a base license. Some add-on licenses may be included by default with a base license. that are associated with the selected base license. Add-on licenses with a blue background are included automatically with the base license. Add-on licenses with a white background are available for selection.
      2. Select each add-on license that you want to assign to the devices in this policy group. Each selected add-on license shows a blue background and a selected check box.
      3. NOTE  If an add-on license is grayed out, you can't assign the license because the policy group contains more devices than there are licenses available, or the license is expired. To renew an existing add-on license or purchase more licenses, contact Absolute Sales.

      4. To remove a selection, click the license again.
      5. NOTE  Add-On licenses without a check box are included automatically with the base license and can't be removed.

    4. Click Continue.
  13. On the Verify and Save dialog page, review the list of devices you are adding to the policy group. If you need to make corrections click Back.
  14. When you are satisfied with the list of devices click Save.
  15. Click Close to close the confirmation message.
  16. The new policy group shows on the Groups sidebar. The next step is to activate the new policy group's policies.