Running scripts on devices

NOTE  Depending on the Absolute product licenses associated with your account, the Absolute Reach feature may not be available.

You can use the Absolute Reach feature to upload a script to the Absolute console or select a script from the Absolute Reach library and submit a request to run the script on your Windows or Mac devices. The next time an eligible targeted device connects to the Absolute Monitoring CenterA lightweight software component of the Absolute agent that detects software applications installed on a device. The SNG component is deployed on a device only when the device is associated with a policy group in which the Installed Software policy is activated., the device's Absolute agent downloads the script and runs it on the device.

You can submit a Script request from the Assets > Devices page or a device's Device Details page. You can also select devices in a device group, roll-up folder, or device report and submit a request for all selected devices. Alternatively, if you want to run a script on a large number of devices at one time, you can upload a file of device identifiers and submit a single Run Script request.