Freezing offline devices

NOTE  If Absolute has upgraded the Freeze feature on your account, the Conditional Offline Freeze feature has been replaced by Offline Freeze rules. If the Conditional Freeze option is not available, you'll need to go to > Rules to create an Offline Freeze rule.

You can create a Conditional Freeze request that will freeze devices if they go offline and do not contact the Absolute Monitoring Center The server responsible for maintaining two-way communication with a device's Persistence agent, to initiate self-healing if the Absolute agent is removed or tampered with, and with its Absolute agent, to send device data and receive instructions. for a specified number of days. Use this feature if you want to ensure that your devices are protected even when they are powered off or a network connection is not available.

After you create a request, it is sent to the selected devices on the next agent connection. The number of days timer then begins to count down on each device. With each successful agent connection the timer is reset to zero (0). If a device does not call the Monitoring Center before the timer elapses, the device freezes and an email notification is sent to the user who created the request. The device remains frozen until you submit a Remove Freeze request in the Absolute console, or the user enters the device's Unfreeze code on the device.

IMPORTANT  A device is limited to one outstanding Freeze request of each type (On-demand, Scheduled, Conditional - Offline). Therefore, if you submit a Conditional Freeze request, and one already exists for the device, the new request replaces the existing request. For more information, see Updating an outstanding Freeze request.

The Freeze feature is persistent. The frozen state persists when the device is restarted, even when it is restarted in safe mode. If a user re-installs the operating system, the device freezes again when the agent self-heals.

You can submit a Conditional Freeze request from the All Devices page in the Assets > Devices area or a device's Device Details page. You can also select devices in a device group, roll-up folder, or device report and submit a single Freeze request for all selected devices.