Changing the reporting status of files with EDD matches

NOTE  Depending on the permissions associated with your user role, and the Absolute product licenses associated with your account, Endpoint Data Discovery (EDD) may not be available.

On an Endpoint Data Discovery report, or a device's EDD Summary tab, you can view a summary of the files where confidential or at-risk data was detected on a device during an EDD scan The Absolute agent process that opens and analyzes files on a device's hard drive to identify at-risk content, as defined in an Endpoint Data Discovery policy. See also DAR component.. After reviewing a file's matched content, you may find that you want to exclude the file from EDD reports. For example, you may find:

To exclude a file, you need to change the file's Reporting Status. There are two (2) statuses:

  • Ignore on all devices: excludes the file from the EDD scan results of all devices in your account (if the file content is identical)
  • Report: includes the file in all devices' EDD scan results

After you exclude a file, the file continues to be excluded from all subsequent scan results until one of the following events occurs:

  • The content of the file changes
  • An authorized user sets the Reporting Status of the file to Report

IMPORTANT  When you change the Reporting Status of one or more files, the device's Match Score remains unchanged until the next EDD scan. After the scan, the device's Match Score calculation excludes all ignored files.